Bob Cage's Guitars,
other Instruments,
and Equipment

         Welcome to Bob's Guitars and Equipment page.  We hope to bring you pictures of Bob's guitars, plus some other fine instruments (musical and electronic).   Bob has a number of guitars and was a friend of the world's foremost collector Scott Chinery, during Scott's life.

         Bob Cage is very happy and excited about the new line of Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic guitars.   Bob has been a music teacher and performer on acoustic dreadnoughts for years.   As a music graduate trained in classical guitar with the violin as a second instrument, Bob plays both classical and jazz guitar. In the past he used different instruments when playing Jazz and Classical music.   He has found that the new Masterbilt is so advanced musically that he gets great pleasure playing both classical and jazz on the same guitar.  

         "This steel string is capable of both classic guitar performance and solo jazz, because it plays so well all over the neck; a rare quality for a guitar in its price range.   It takes me back to thinking of the days when my uncles had the extraordinary guitars - those they were proudest of - in their factory windows!   I always looked forward to playing those guitars because of their acoustic response."  

          "I enjoy playing my new Masterbilt because it makes playing very difficult music a pleasure and complete experience.   These new Masterbilt instruments are designed to accomodate acoustically demanding music - which really helps out the serious student and professional player."


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