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          It's Here! The Bob Cage Flat-Top CD has arrived, and it's already making a name for itself. Everyone who has heard it likes this album, and we'd like to think it will be a hit. One thing is for certain; Bob has showed us that he can really play the guitar. We hope you'll go out and buy one (or more), so that you can enjoy his artistry for many years to come. They make great gifts, and we already know a few people want to use them as stocking stuffers. With any luck, Bob's album will be available at CD Baby, by the time you read this... or you can click here to order Flat-Top by mail. We'll have more info up with web and e-mail addresses here real soon. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy seeing what's in the CD booklet, from the links above.

          Flat-Top is an album for people who love the resonant tone of real wood, and those who can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a fine guitar, and gives it superior playability. “We all love Epis,” said Scott Chinery about the now-Vintage Epiphone guitars made by Bob’s uncles and the master craftsmen they employed. Bob’s ancestors had a vision, and high ideals. Bob endeavors to apply this same ideal in his playing, and has become an emissary of the creative spirit which is his heritage. He wishes to carry their vision forward, by showing the world just how fine those old instruments can sound, and he has chosen some of his own favorite Jazz standards, as examples. Though the Epiphone Arch-Top guitars are perennial favorites for Jazz, Bob believes that the far more affordable Flat-Top guitars are perfect for this style of music.


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