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        Bob recently acquired an amazing Violin, hand crafted by his uncle Epi Stathopoulo, and created from the finest select wood.   It will speak for itself.

        Bill Foster, who played Bass with Larry Coryell, has been playing with Bob on a regular basis, and Vince Johnson called Bob last week to make plans for gigs in the greater New York area.

        Bob has also jammed recently with Jesse Murphy, who plays Bass on albums by Natalie Merchant and others.

        And Bob has been in the studio several times in the last few months, recording tracks for an album by an artist yet to be announced.

        All of the above news is as of the Summer of 2016, older news items of note are below.

        Bob appears on the album "Pete Seeger – At 89", which won a 2009 Grammy award for Best Traditional Folk album.  In May, Bob joined others who appeared on the album at a at a Grammy party/celebration for "At 89", and shared the stage with numerous guest and local Folk performers including David Amram.   Bob wishes to congratulate Pete on his award, and thanks him and producer David Bernz for the opportunity to share his talent on that wonderful album.

        Bob was then in the studio recording tracks for another song with Pete Seeger, by actress Caitlin O'Heaney.

        Bob got a call some time ago to attend a reunion of the Stathopoulo family in Greece.  Unfortunately, because of very short notice, Bob was unable to attend.   News from the event, tells that the workshop where Bob's great-grandfather Anastasios built bouzoukis, has been rediscovered.



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June 3, 2016