Bob's Family Album


Epi Relaxing with Friends

EPI - As a Young Man

Frixo Polishing a Bass
in the Epiphone Factory

Anastasios Stathopoulo

The Stathopoulo Family Portrait

A Party of the Epiphone Staff

Frixo Entertaining Friends & Family

Epi The Businessman

        Above you see a few photos of the Stathopoulo family and Epiphone factory personnel. Bob's great-grandfather, Anastasios Stathopoulo's portrait appears in the center photograph, and he is pictured again with his wife Marianthe, surrounded by their children.  

        Epi, Anastasios' eldest son is pictured in a number of the photographs, and he was the inspiration for the Epiphone Company name.

        Bob's Uncle Frixo, Epi's younger brother, is pictured in two of these photographs. To the left of Anastasios' portrait, Frixo is shown polishing an upright bass in the Epiphone Factory, and again directly below Anastasios' portrait as he plays an Epiphone arch-top guitar for his friends and family.

        All of Anastasios' children were musicians, but Epi was the most skilled. He loved getting together with other musicians and playing instruments for hours on the porch. See the photograph directly above Anastasios' portrait.

        During the holidays, the Epiphone employees would celebrate. The photograph in the lower left corner documents one of these holiday parties.

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